Mystical abstract and intuitive paintings.

Coming soon – March 13

🔸🔸New York adventure🔸🔸Recently I was asked to participate in the event ‘The Many Music Faces of Art’ a virtual music and art event that will take place on Sunday March 13 in New York city! The great pianist and composer Mr. Margin Alexander has composed a piece of music for each specific work of Art. During the live concert the music will be heard and the artworks will be seen at the same time projected on the walls. I have already heard a small piece of the music that is inspired by my painting and that already sounds wonderful! A great collaboration for which I am very happy, honored and so grateful that a painting of mine has been chosen to participate. Unfortunately I can’t be there in New York in real life but I’m definitely going to watch the live stream at night, does it feel a bit like I’m there😊To be continued….

Jet Willems

Even as a young child I was attuned to the mysterious and my inner life and the resulting ‘big questions of life’. To this day I look with an astonishing gaze at the cycle of life and death and try to understand it. Is the desire to understand the meaning of life and death not inside everyone?