About Me

I am Jet. A visual artist who, like a magician, creates images which can be ‘seen’ with the heart of the beholder.

Jet Willems

Even as a young child I was attuned to the mysterious and my inner life and the resulting ‘big questions of life’. To this day I look with an astonishing gaze at the cycle of life and death and try to understand it. Is the desire to understand the meaning of life and death not inside everyone?

My whole life I have been fascinated by the mystical. I’ve read many books about myths, fairy tales, religions and esotericism and through this, my spirituality developed. Now all these old wisdoms have become an inspiration for all my work. Ever since I have had my own mystical experiences, I feel more and more that there is more between heaven and earth. Now I can indicate why I always look for contrast in my work. I paint from a deeper ‘knowing and feeling’ spiritual images. In my work I cross the boundaries between reality and the invisible, the tangible.



My earlier work consists of figurative art, mostly illustrative and inspired by fairy tales. These works were commissioned.  I’ve been working abstract for a few years now, because my soul energy and my inner sound now only translating into the expressive and abstract. Layer after layer my work is created, it is permeated with energy and I create with color and shape the images that the viewer feels in his or her heart. There he will find the connection and silence within himself. 

People react strongly to my work; the energy I flow in my paintings I tangible and is recognized. That is the mysterious of my artistry. That is what I want to convey.

All of my paintings are unique. I work with highly qualitative painting materials, paints and canvasses. My style is expressive, fierce, layered and soulful.


I was born in november 1962. I’m sure my fantasy and imagination is developed during a long stay ( 1 year) at a hospital when I was a 2-3 years old girl. For as long as I can remember I have always been drawing and painting since I was young. So it was no surprise I decided to go to the school of Art St. Joost in 1980 at the age of 17.

Despite not finishing this school, having 2 kids and working , I’ve always been drawing and painting, and in 1997 I received a diploma / certification as an illustrator.

At that time my paintings were figuratively and mostly inspired by fairytales and mystical subjects. I illustrated some books for children, designed posters and painted pictures for children at birth. I still do these kind of paintings when I’ m asked. For about two years my paintings developed naturally into abstract expressions, so expressing the feelings, thoughts and knowledge I gathered during my life. I love  working like this, it’s so much more who I really am, the colors and textures follow my soul vibrations and touched the beholders.

To create and share that’s my gift to the world.